Since History Alive programs are as educational as they are entertaining, these fun shows are most frequently seen in schools, libraries, and museums.  In addition, History Alive! shows are appropriate for all ages --and have been enthusiastically received at many senior centers, retirement homes and military bases

The shows have been featured at the National Theatre of Washington, Smithsonian Institution, the Folger Shakespeare Library, Port Discovery Children’s Museum, and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine (more locations listed here). The shows are very energetic, interactive, and exciting; they fit into many different venues. They fit in beautifully at corporate events, fundraisers,  awards banquets, and Chautauqua events

Mary Ann Jung’s amazing portraits of famous ladies and their times encourage a love of history, drama, and literature  - in young and old alike. Read more about what events and venues are perfect for these shows.


Mary Ann Jung : 

Mary Ann Jung is an award-winning actress and Smithsonian scholar. You have probably already seen this this performer, scholar, writer, and director, but not in modern clothing! Ms. Jung researches and writes her own scripts, and performs in the authentic costumes, accents, and attitudes for her characters’ eras. 

Actress, Director, and Nationwide Exposure

Mary Ann has appeared on CNN, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and in newspapers around the world as famous women from history. She has been a lead actress and Director of Renaissance History and Shakespearean Language at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for over 30 years. She performed as queen and was a Director with the Florida Renaissance Festival from 1994-2006. She was Director of Street Theater and Family Performances for ArtScape (the USA's largest arts festival) for ten years; in 1998 Mary Ann was awarded a citation from the Mayor of Baltimore for her work at that event.

Mary Ann Jung as  Clara Barton

Mary Ann Jung as Clara Barton

Award-winning for over 15 years

In 2002, Ms. Jung's Clara Barton show won top honors for Solo Theatrical Performance from the Maryland State Arts Council.  Since 2005, the many teachers' conferences, special events, and museum-sleepovers have presented Ms. Jung's historical women.

In 2002 the Ambassador of France gave her highest praise for her one-of-a-kind portrayal of Queen Catherine de Medici for his guests, and in 2009 Ms. Jung (as Queen Anne of England (1665-1714) met British diplomat Dominick Chilcott while celebrating the 300th birthday of this queen. (see image at right, from the Annapolis Capitol).

Also visit the archived Baltimore Sun article about Mary Ann Jung's life, shows, and her appeal across the USA in festivals, schools, television, and live events.