Mary Ann Jung as Queen Elizabeth I,  "Good Queen Bess"

Mary Ann Jung as Queen Elizabeth I, "Good Queen Bess"


Media features have included (but not limited by these):

Baltimore Sun: (video and article)
Annapolis Capitol:  Article on Mary Ann Jung, as Queen Anne of England, meeting a British diplomat.
Fredericksburg VA Free Lance-Star: Article on Mary Ann Jung as Margaret Brent
Maryland Humanties Council: Presenter Mary Ann Jung


"Ms. Jung's performance that evening was absolutely superb. Our guests were thrilled and delighted with her dazzling portrayal of Catherine de Medicis, whom she seemingly brought back to life for a brief interlude. Ms. Jung clearly possesses extraordinary talent and her enchanting, spirited performance greatly enhanced and complemented the charming ambience of the evening."

Francois Bujon de l'Estang, Ambassador of France to the United States


"Mary Ann's portrayal of Rosie the Riveter was "gosh darn" perfect. From costume and character to well-researched stories, she captured the essence of life in the factory, difficulties at home, and even the impact of politics and public opinion during World War II. Her performance takes living history to new heights. An unforgettable and educational experience!"

Dik Daso, Curator, National Air and SpaceMuseum, Washington, DC


"Brava! [Mary Ann Jung] charmed all persons who came near on the occasion of Sir Wm Shakespeare's installation into ye College of The Fellowes of ye American Theatre."

Donn Murphy, National Theatre, Washington, DC

Mary Ann Jung as  Julia Child

Mary Ann Jung as Julia Child

"[Mary Ann Jung] always gets great reviews for your Speakers Bureau presentations, and we are so grateful to [her] for representing the (Humanities) Council around the state... Rapport with the audience was fantastic. Ms. Jung got a standing ovation."
"We just received some comments on our website for [Mary Ann Jung's] performance as Julia Child at the 2007 Maryland Chautauqua. Here are some of the comments from the public:"
  • "Effective interplay recruiting the audience to portray husband, friends. Enjoyable and convincing dialogue and persona!"
  • "The acting was outstanding. The entire evening was delightful. Her knowledge was exceptional."
  • "Very funny program-fun to be here! Also, very educational."
  • "Julia Child was the best [2007] Chautauqua presentation yet!"
  • "I enjoyed the program very impressed by performer’s research and work to prepare the programs."
  • "Mary Ann rocks"

Judy D. Dobbs, Maryland Humanities Council

"I just wanted to drop a short note to let you know how very much I enjoyed your magnificent portrayal of Elizabeth I... Your rich interpretation with its wonderful grasp of the language and culture of Tudor England served them well. You present a most believable, impressive, and appealing queen, one surely worthy of her own words:
I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of England too!"

H. William DeWeese, Minority Leader, House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

"Mary Ann Jung is a Maryland treasure! She gave a truly outstanding performance. Long may you continue to perform and educate."

Kandy Hutman, Continuing Education Program Director, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington