Grace O'Malley, The Pirate Queen

Grace O'Malley
(c.1530 – c.1603)
This show discusses:
16th century, Sailing, Pirates, Multicultures, Learning Languages


Avast ye slug-a-beds! Meet the astonishing woman who commanded an entire fleet of ships and faced down Queen Elizabeth I of England!

Wake up and join your captain, yes WOMAN, Captain Grace O'Malley (of Ireland) as she teaches about sailing on a ship. Pirates? Not only pirates are discussed in this fast-moving and exciting show, but ye will learn about all types of sailing information - ships, 16th century history, even how to climb the rigging. However, Captain Grace isn't really a pirate: she's the daughter of clan chieftain Dub O'Malley -- so instead of capturing her audience, she chooses to teach them instead.

This adventure encourages the audience to learn words from across the world, small bits of information from many cultures -- details that only a 'pirate queen' (woman sailing adventurer and explorer) can bring to little 'sailors'.

An interactive show for all ages - kids are swept out of their seats as they are asked to pantamime hoisting the rigging, swabbing the decks, throwing out fishing nets, and even looking for land. A chance to clap, move, shout and have fun - like all sailors and pirates want to do.

Perfect for all types of events: stage presentations, waterfront festivals, sailing festivals, pirate festivals, Irish celebrations