Amelia Earhart: Dreams Take Flight

Amelia Earhart
This show features:
20th Century, World War I , Early Aviation, and Working Women

Amelia Earhart, born in Atchison Kansas on July 24, 1897, was much more than just a courageous aviatrix. She was also a photographer, truck driver, avid student and teacher, volunteer nurse, social worker, and even a clothes designer! Whatever she did, she did with passion, commitment and a relaxed sense of humor that endeared her to the American public.

Follow her amazing career in this energetic recounting of her life and achievements. Meet the fascinating personalities who were part of her journey, including Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Discover what the dangers were in the fledgling field of early twentieth century flying and re-live the last days before her dramatic disappearance. This show is a soaring tribute to the spirited heroine of both aviation and women’s rights.

This is show has taken the enthusiastic audiences by storm!